Into the Wilds

The Beginning

Four adventurer’s arrived in the small town of Haverbrook (Caine the Gunslinger, Conan the Barbarian, Peridot the Inquisitor, and ‘Fuzzy’ the Fighter). The town was run down with much of the surrounding wall destroyed, as well as many of the buildings and merchant stands worn down. As they stepped into town they noticed very few townspeople and those they did see ran off at the site of newcomers.

The party noticed a guard patrol and decided to approach them to search out the Mayor. They were met with hostility, but that was soon gone when the guards realized the party was there to help. They were escorted to town hall where they met with the Mayor and Captain Pell of the Andoran Military.

They were told of the recent attacks by what seemed an endless horde of goblins. The goblins had begun attacking more frequently and the town was losing more and more people and supplies, they were desperate. That is why Mayor Trexa had sent messages to all nearby towns asking for help and a message to this group in particular, having fought with them several years ago during the border wars to the North.

The party was offered free room and board at the local inn and a modest amount of gold, being all that the town could spare. They were reluctant to gather more adventurer’s and decided to stop at the inn to relax after their journey. Inside they noticed four others, they assumed at come in response to the Mayor’s messages.

While they were drinking the town warning bell sounded and they could here movement coming from outside. Everyone rushed out the door trying to find out what was going on. Peridot inquired from one of the fleeing townspeople that another attack had begun. Guards were gathering into the town square, right outside the inn, and the adventurer’s were given the task of guarding the North Gate.

The party and the other four from the inn gathered at the North Gate just as the goblins were entering the town. There were several goblins, a few hobgoblins, and some goblin dogs. The goblins and hobgoblins attempted to take the party down from range with their bows, but the party was well equipped to deal with this threat and instead they slayed all the attackers while sustaining moderate casualties.

The North Gate has been defended, now the party must check on the rest of the town and decide if they will all proceed together to eliminate the goblin threat once and for all.


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